Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Update on mom

Thank you to all who have supported our family with kind words, thoughts, prayers, and donations. We cannot express how much this has meant to our family.
Mom has gone through her first treatment...everything went very well for her!! She will continue to follow a strict diet and treatment plan. She is scheduled to have the second treatment in August. We are very encouraged by the treatment and remain positive about that. Unfortunately yesterday mom experienced another health scare...she woke to a paralyzed left side and was taken immediatly to the hospital. After running some tests they discovered she had a stroke...a result of a blood clot in her brain that had traveled there from her heart. By the end of the day she had mobility back to most of her left side, with the exception of her mouth. So she was given a feeding tube last night. Today, she had some more testing done which reveiled that she will have to have a few weeks of physical therapy to learn how to swallow again. The doctors are impressed with her quick recovery and good spirits!! We continue to ask for any support in which we are so greatful for...